Corporate Training

To date, BSM Training has been successful in training over 1,400 government and private sector officers from countries such as Bhutan, Tanzania, the Philippines, Namibia, Mauritius, Malaysia, the Maldives, Myanmar, South Africa, India, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Japan, and many others. Most of the time, the participants come over for training in Bangkok, Thailand, but there are occasions when we send out our expert trainers / lecturers to other countries as well. We are flexible in accommodating client’s needs.

Since our short courses (training) are put together and offered as per the demand of requesting organizations and/or individuals, it could be done any time in the. Dates, duration, and contents (objectives) of the training are customized to meet the needs of the requesting organization and its participants.

BSM Training provides a wide range of fields such as Engineering, Healthcare, Banking, Accounting, Finance, Business, Management, Marketing, Sales, Information Technology, Computers/Computing, Education, Teacher Training, Psychology/Counseling, Psychological Self-Help, Research Methodology, Data Analysis (Quantitative and Qualitative) and many others.

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