Meet the Students

Liam Desjardins from France Talks About BSM and Northumbria Experience!

Alise "Nanight Lee" Phichai Shares How BSM Enabled Her to Study Around Her Schedule

Tia Taveepanichpan Shares Details on How BSM Enabled Her to Study Around Her Schedule as a Model

Student Spotlight: Naree Jampathiw Shares How BSM Affected Her Life!

Student Spotlight: Malinda Natalia Wannes Shares Her Experience in Living and Studying in Bangkok

Student Spotlight: Antoine "Tony" Coppin from France on Studying at BSM Thailand

“Bangkok, compared to to other cities has more options and Bangkok School of Management (BSM) was the reason why I moved to Bangkok.

BSM is one of the few international universities in Thailand. You get a lot of attention from the teachers, you get to really interact with them fully and the learning experience you get from that is very much enriched. It is a very international community with people all over the world.

Although we are still studying, we get to have our own time to work”.

– Nerolina Jade Goldman

“Bangkok School of Management is the only place in Thailand that offers British certifications, allowing you to fast-track your studies and complete the whole Bachelor’s programme in less than three years. Enrolling into BSM has allowed me to gain both academic and practical knowledge, which not every international university can provide. Those who are searching for ways to work and study full time, can do so with BSM due to its flexible programme offerings. The small, yet unique BSM family will accept you with open arms. Whether you are a shy, quiet introvert or an out-going, loud individual, BSM is a perfect place for you.”

– Assel Aitbayeva