Bangkok School of Management is the official learning support centre for Northumbria University where you can get an internationally recognized UK degree in the heart of Bangkok. This 3-year Bachelor’s degree from the UK is an affordable way to get a top level of Education. Throughout this innovative, highly specialized program, students will study 25 essential, university level business/management courses, during Year 1 and Year 2, followed by core business and management modules delivered and assessed by the Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University.

We are giving out scholarships for July 2017 Intake worth up to 300,000 THB to all Thai students (Or Foreign Students who have completed their high school diploma in Thailand) who qualify under any of these scholarships. We want to encourage the growth of entrepreneurs and future business owners as well as raise the standards of education amongst young students in Thailand. We are committed to inspiring excellence and inspiring students to go on to achieve greater things. Bangkok School of Management, also understands that affordability is of utmost priority for many students and so our scholarships are also designed to completely cover your demonstrated financial need.

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Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

This Scholarship is designed for students that have a business idea with proper plans and financials prepared or are already working to improve their current start-up. Students who want to apply for this scholarship can also be involved in organizations such as a Family Business. Interested candidates must submit an essay describing their role/idea, its expected impact and how the scholarship will help them achieve this impact. The institute will chose the best entries in July and select them for the scholarship


  • Have a complete Business Plan
  • Already working on a start-up project
  • Working to improve and grow the family business

Academic Excellence Scholarship

The Bangkok School of Management Academic Excellence Scholarship (Academic) was established to support new students enrolling at BSM with a previous record of excellence in one or more subject areas and/or a record of merit in several subject areas. To qualify for the scholarship you must have a GPA of above 3.0 and must be committed to having a GPA of no less than 3.0 during your study at Bangkok School of Management.


  • Have a good academic record in high-school with grades at 3.0 GPA or above
  • Proof of academic achievements and awards
  • Committed to keeping your GPA above 3.0 after receiving the scholarship

Social Achiever Scholarship

The Bangkok School of Management Social Achiever Scholarship was established to support new student-athletes,student-public figures or those heavily involved with community service. Students need to show a previous record of high achievement in sport/television/modeling/music/ community service and also show future potential in their chosen field. These awards are given on the basis of a student being gifted in either their abilities. Students that are awarded these scholarships are expected to showcase their abilities and represent the school on their medium of choice, whether it be sports competitions, TV shows, Modeling events, Musical events or during Community Service.


  • Must showcase achievements in the following fields; Sports competitions, TV shows, Modeling events, Musical events and community service
  • Must represent BSM at these events

To apply for the scholarship, please fill out the Application form below, or you can download the Application form and submit at:

Phone: 022-569-586

Download the Scholarship Application Form