International Students

Why Thailand?

Thailand, officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand, formerly Siam, is often referred to as the ‘Land of smiles’. Nuzzled comfortably between Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, Thailand is home to roughly 64 Million people from ethnic Thai, Chinese and Malay origins including various hill tribes. With the official language being Thai and 95% of the population practicing Buddhism, Thailand is steadily rising towards becoming an industrialized country and the world’s major exporter of Rice among other items.

With 365 days of sunshine, Thailand is the most frequently visited tourist destination of all times. From surreal beaches, to limestone covered peaks and mystical islands, this vibrant country is truly in one word ‘Amazing’.


Reasons Why You Should Choose Thailand

  1. Thailand provides students with a multinational business environment. Bangkok in particular, consists of people from various walks of life, from around the globe. Thailand is, in its own unique way, a melting pot. Being exposed to such a multinational environment allows students to fully prepare themselves for an internationally-oriented 21st century workplace. Success is invariably guaranteed to those business graduates who possess this competitive edge.
  2. Low cost of living (smart investment). Students can live comfortably and maintain a decent lifestyle by spending only a fraction of what they would spend in another country, even within South East Asia. Hence the money invested in students’ three year Bachelor Degree programme is a very smart investment choice as students will be getting an internationally recognized UK university degree for the fee equivalent to studying locally.
  3. Opportunities for internship in Multinational Companies (conditions apply), which may lead to exciting and promising jobs in Thailand, as well as in other countries, worldwide.

Admissions Process

  1. Fill in the Application Form and provide:
  2. Take the BSM Placement Test (Can be taken online)
  3. High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED, IGCSE, O-Level, A-Level, etc.)
  4. Passport Copy (Every Page)
  5. Transcript(s)
  6. 1,500 THB Application Fee and BSM Placement Test Fee
  7. A score of less than 80% will require an addition Academic English Course in the first term.
    A score of less than 50% will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  8.  Acceptance Letter & Invoice
  9. After review of your Application and documents provided, BSM may issue you an Acceptance Letter and first term invoice to be paid prior to orientation
  10. Payment
  11. Make your tuition payment by the deadline stated on your first term invoice. BSM will not be able to begin visa processing until the first term tuition is paid in full.
  12. Students are advised to keep the payment slip as a reference.
  13. Student Visa
  14. Please provide BSM with the following additional documents:
  15. 8 Passport Photos
  16. Special Cases: (Dependent on Country of Origin)
  17. Criminal Record Check
  18. Passport Copy of Financial Sponsor
  19. Sponsorship/Guarantor Letter
  20. Details of Sponsor’s Workplace
  21. Bank Statement of Sponsor showing enough funds to cover student education
  22. * Please allow one-two months for Education Visa process.
  23. * Non-Ed Visas must be obtained at a Thai Embassy OUTSIDE of Thailand. For more information about the visa process please contact the Admissions Office.
  24. Registration Form
  25. Fill in the BSM Class Registration Form in the Academics Office with the Registrar.
  26. Flights & Accommodation
  27. Provide Bangkok School of Management with your flight details and we will pick you up at the airport and take you directly to your accommodation. BSM does not have student housing, however if you require assistance obtaining accommodation, contact the Admissions Office.