The GED (General Education Development) certificate is the equivalent a high school diploma in the United States of America. The Bangkok School of Management tutors, complete with actual experience in teaching GED subjects in the USA conduct 40-hour private courses upon request. Upon completing one of these courses, along with the necessary assignments, you will be able to confidently pass every test area on the GED exam.
Once you have completed your GED exam, or if you have already passed GED, you may also wish to study our additional SAT examination tutorial programs, catering for both SAT I and SAT II – the standardized testing programs widely recognized for college or university admission in the United States.

Course Objective
The 40-hour course provides the guidance for you to succeed in your ultimate goal of obtaining GED in order to continue their undergraduate study in any universities around the world. The programme is designed to equip you with necessary skills to pass every test area on the GED exam

Course Fees
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