BSc & MBA Graduate Alexander Blin Shares His Experience as a Student at BSM

14-06-17 Darpan Keswani 0 comment

Alexander Blin started off studying at a typical bureaucratic Institute when he first arrived in Bangkok, Thailand. When speaking to a friend about his progress at University, Bangkok School of Management came up as a subject- his friend described to him an institute which put the students at the forefront and gave them the flexibility and freedom of leading a fulfilling life while studying! After a couple of visits to Bangkok School of Management, Alex decided to join us for the remainder of his university life, transferring credits and truly embracing the warmth and tight-knit community that BSM is known for providing.

Alex completed his BSc and continued his MBA at Bangkok School of Management, he is now a successful professional- Business Development Manager at Poclain Hydraulics. To learn more about his journey watch the video above!

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