Women In Entrepreneurship – Wanvisa Maya’s Journey To Becoming A Brand!

08-06-17 Darpan Keswani 0 comment

Maya, with the help of her Mom, and sometimes her sister and Dad, has been taking care of the family business for the past couple of years, before deciding to pursue her own brand: www.wanvisa.com. Her passion for business began during her childhood, as she grew up in a very entrepreneurial environment.


Her parents travelled to various countries doing business. As a teenager, she started pursuing modeling and acting, with business always being a part of her life. Now as an adult, Maya has a degree in Marketing & International Finance, and how she applies her theoretical knowledge into a more practical field- her new job as Marketing Director of “Lashes Thailand.” Maya spoke about how even with her new job, she still continued to find time pursuing her entrepreneurial dreams. In the event, Maya also talked about her experiences as an entrepreneur and how anyone can become an entrepreneur! She spoke about how we can still chase our dreams even if we already have a job, or a have family to take care of, it’s never too late to become the business person of your dreams.


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