Student Spotlight: Neroli “Lina” Goldman Speaks After Receiving the First Class Honors from Northumbria University

19-01-17 Assel Aitbayeva 0 comment

BSM likes to congratulate Neroli Jade Goldman (Lina) who has been awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business and Management with a First Class Honors from the University of Northumbria, Newcastle.

Ever since Lina joined BSM in 2013, she has demonstrated a strong passion for education and has maintained solid academic results throughout the programme, proving her most recent academic accomplishment. Additionally, she has made an impact on the lives of the students whom she has helped with her strong academic skills and ability to take on personal challenges. She has shown compassion, goodwill, and leadership in many events hosted by BSM.

Currently, Lina is working with the Ministry of Commerce, Thailand for a special project to inspire and support young entrepreneurs towards a successful business.

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